When Sibh joined Harewood, Annual Membership was at an all-time low.  For a predominantly outdoor attraction, this ‘weather-proof’ income stream was crucial to the business and needed to be recovered.


The following year membership and income had gone up 19% - what was the secret?


First of all, recruitment.  A plan was put in place to combine sales training, sales targets, promotional initiatives and mapping the visitor journey to improve onsite communication – especially on event days.  This integrated approach led to a swift uplift in the number of new members.



Then retention.  It was all very well recruiting members but keeping them was another matter; how to mend the ‘leaky bucket’?  Talking to members about what they wanted, providing a greater sense of belonging with exclusive member events and newsletters and dedicated staff, developing a member contact plan to communicate the right messages at the right time and counteracting renewal apathy by introducing direct debit all combined to increase the retention rate to 80%.  Renewals replaced complaints in terms of staff time and the overall levels of visitor satisfaction increased too.




Sibh has also worked for other Membership organisations including The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Castle Park Golf Club and Visit Harrogate.