Artisan cheesemaker, The Northumberland Cheese Company was at a crossroads.  Since it began in 1983, it had enjoyed steady growth, a fistful of prestigious national awards and an established reputation in the Northumberland area.  But now it was ready for more.  Leapfrog was approached to help move the business forward.


An extensive sales and marketing review, highlighted


  1. The need for segmentation (not all customer groups wanted the same from all products)
  2. Not all products should be marketed in the same way
  3. The profile of the Northumberland Cheese Company needed to be raised beyond the Northumberland Region
  4. It was time for a more proactive approach to managing customer relationships



Of their 16 cheeses, a few were identified as true ‘specialist’ cheeses for the discerning, adventurous and sophisticated palate.  In order to position them in the minds of existing and potential cheese buyers they were elegantly repackaged and distribution became exclusive to independent delis and specialist cheese retailers.  This was supported by branded sales information packs and in-store display material with tasting notes.  More was made of their awards and accolades.



This exclusive range was launched to the trade at the International Food Exhibition in London, with a specially designed exhibition stand and supported by an effective trade PR and direct marketing campaign targeting retailers and wholesalers nationally.  Within 5 months

  • trade sales had increased by 13%
  • the customer base has increased by 5%, including larger, prestigious outlets such as Harrods and Caviar House.
  • Distribution became UK wide



Sibh continues to work with the Northumberland Cheese Company and has worked with many other food and drink organisations including The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Glenmorangie, Lindisfarne Mead, Javelin Champagnes, Sloe Motion Gin, SIBA DDS & Yester Farm Dairies.